Meeting Jane ElliotT: A Lesson In Endurance as an Advocate for Justice

So Our Youth Aspire (S.O.Y.A.)

Jane Elliott at Anne Beers Elementary School in Ward 7 of Washington DC this past Tuesday

Jane Elliott is a former third-grade schoolteacher, anti-racism activist, and educator. She is known for her “Blue eyes–Brown eyes” activity that I first learned about on the Oprah Winfrey show about 30 years ago when I was a teenager. She first conducted her famous exercise for her class on April 5, 1968, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. She garnered widespread attention when her local newspaper published essays that the children had written about the experience. Shortly after, she began a long-time career as an outspoken public speaker against racism and discrimination. Jane Elliott came to DC’s Anne Beers Elementary school this week and my daughter and I were thrilled to be able to watch Eye of the Storm together and meet Jane Elliott afterward. During Ms. Elliott’s talk, she told…

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