Getting Started Homeschooling: Is a Co-Op for me?

So Our Youth Aspire (S.O.Y.A.)

My first up-close and personal observation of homeschooling — where a child was not enrolled in traditional schooling and the learning experience was solely curated by the parent– was when my mother decided to homeschool my brother who was in middle school. This was in the mid-1990’s. He had been in a Montessori magnet program in his Maryland school since all K-6 grade. After 6th grade, she had put him in a private Montessori school, but, was disappointed by some of the racist antics she observed by the director of the school and my brother’s teacher and pulled him out. She knew that middle school was a tricky time for children—both boys and girls—and decided to spend his 8th grade year as his teacher. Please note, I am the oldest of five children, all girls and one boy. My mother did not have a sense of urgency in…

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