Do You Have the Social Capital Necessary to Successfully Homeschool?

So Our Youth Aspire (S.O.Y.A.)

Although homeschooling has been a practice in the United States longer than public education, it was not until the 1980’s where significant growth had occurred in comparison to the growth rates of other schooling choices. While some argue that homeschooling as a practice has no measurable outcomes because there is no consistent structure in which information is shared, studies indicate that the choice to homeschool is very personal and dependent on many factors. For instance, some parents make decisions to homeschool and forego enrolling them in school sometimes based on their own experiences in institutionalized schooling. African American parents also choose to homeschool because of environmental issues. What African American parents identify as problematic environmental issues largely entail racialized disparities. For instance, more African-American families are choosing to homeschool in response to hostile environmental influences in public schools that range from biased instructional content to biased attitudes and perceptions of…

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